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Meet the Crew


Christian Atal

Captain &  Sailing Wellness and Yacht Management  

Captain Christian was born and raised in Santiago de Chile. At a young age he moved away from the city and discovered his passion for the sea. He became a dive instructor and captain.

With his first sail boat, he started leading diving expeditions when he decided to pursue a life that would allow him to live full-time on sea. He sailed through Chile's southern shores in the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Galápagos Islands ad further to  the Caribbean where he has spend the last  twenty years. In 2014  Christian has found his new paradise and home - the islands of the Bahamas.

Other than sailing and traveling, Christian has got a passion for fitness, yoga and healthy food.

As the skipper of the yacht, with around 45.000 sea miles, Christian is a well-experienced sailor who would love to take you to the most beautiful islands of the Bahamas.


 Iris Muller

Chef, Musician and Booking Manager of Sailing Wellness


For the past three years, Iris has had the incredible opportunity to fulfill her dream in a way she never imagined - on a boat. Together with her partner Chris, she has been curating culinary experiences on various yachts. Growing up with a chef as a father, food has always been at the heart of her life. This, combined with her background in anthropology and experience in arts and conscious events, has uniquely shaped her approach to creating meals that not only delight the palate but also nourish the soul. She is dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind dining adventure, where every day brings a new, lovingly crafted dish inspired by flavors from around the globe. Her vision is to offer a unique experience onboard the Akasha, where guests can savor the fusion of her expertise, knowledge, and creativity. Join her on this extraordinary journey as you set sail for a world of culinary delight and adventures on the sea.






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Christian Atal
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