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Seven Days of Bliss

Join us in Nassau, The Bahamas, as we sail off to explore the surrounding islands and experience seven magical days of bliss together. The following itinerary is a sample of all that awaits us!

Every day you are invited to creative, fun, and conscious activities that will help release tension and easily allow you to tap into true joy and peace. All of our activities are optional participation, because more than anything we wish for you to feel free.


All that we have planned for you in combination with the unexplainably beautiful surroundings of the Bahamas makes for a retreat of a lifetime. 



Morning Activities

Sunrise Yoga & Breathework

Guided Group Meditation 

Faciliated by Rocio Reyes

You are welcome to wake up slightly before the sun with us, and join us for an amazing and mindful start to the day. Our classes are designed to invigorate you and connect you to your breathe and body. Imagine the sun rising before you as you stretch into a delicious Yoga asana and take in a deep breathe of that fresh ocean breeze!  


Sample Menu


Superfood Smoothies made by our Captain!

Fruit Salad & Vegan Yoghurt

Breakfast Oatmeal



Veggie & Tofu Scramble

Avocado Toast 

Breakfast Quinoa Bowl


Juices & Tea

Coffee & Coffee Alternatives


Swim & Play

Feel free to take out one of our Kayak's, or snorkel and connect even more closely with beings of the water! You are also welcome to relax on board and take in the views.


 Menu Options

Epic Avocado Salad

Vegan Ceviche 

Buddha & Rainbow Bowls 

Veggie Burger

Pitaya & Acai Bowls 

Vegan Quesadilla

and more!

Virgin Cocktails 

Juices, Coffee, Tea


Afternoon Activities

Walking Meditation 

One-on-One Reiki Healing

Facilitated by Iris Muller

Explore the must see sights and native animals of Exuma Islands. Iris will lead us through various walking meditations and silent meditations in nature to awaken our senses and bring us more fully into the present moment. You are welcome to sit for one-on-one Reiki energy healing with Iris as well. 

6:45 PM | SUNSET

Evening Activities

"Paint the Sunset" Group Painting Class

Yoga, Meditation, & Group Reiki 

Facilitated by Iris & Rocio

Star Gazing with our Captain

Sound Journey & Concert 

by Iris Muller


Menu Options

Coconut Thai Curry with Veggies & Rice 

Vegan Rissotto/Pasta & Salad 

The Vegan Cuban Bowl

Dutch Campfire Nacho's

and more!

Virgin Cocktails & Drinks

Vegan Dessert's

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