Iris Muller is considered a true gypsysoul. Born in Holland she has traveled
and lived all over the world seeking to understand the meaning of life and
embodying her deep spiritual understandings. She finished her master degree
in Cultural Anthropology cum laude focusing on the psyche of humankind.
After writing her master thesis she decided to use her insights and voice in a
different way: through music and speech. 

Her unique voice and personality was soon discovered by the multi award
winning composer Julio Reyes Copello. In her latest project Soulmade, Iris
combines her artistic and intellectual capacities weaving music and
consciousness together as if they have never been separated. Each song is a
unique piece of art that - combined with a guided meditation - allows people to
come back to themselves. Soulmade is music made from the soul for the soul
to remind you that you are also soul-made.

From an early age Iris was engaged in reiki by her mother, who is a healer and life coach. She developed her own skills while in India, South America and Europe studying with different traditions guided by her intuition. She combines reiki with sound healing, creating a unique and transformative experience.