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  Our unique story begins with our captain, who saw a need for charter's to The Bahama's that offer a more holistic experience for guests. He, being a health conscious individual, envisioned retreats aboard that focused on naturally raising the energy of each guest through a nourishing diet and days full of conscious activities. His desire was strong and it attracted to him a team of facilitators who would help bring this vision to life! 

Our retreats are a joy to facilitate and an opportunity for each guest to tune into their essence. We have created unique itinerary's that uplift our guests physically, mentally, and emotionally; and allows them complete freedom to follow their bliss.


We also touch upon the creativity of the human spirit and bring our guests opportunities to express themselves through creative activities. 

We thank you for being here and for considering us as facilitators of your blissful retreat aboard our luxury catamaran charters. 



Christian Atal

Christian is our Captain & Magic Smoothie Maker.
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